Revision date: 5/7/24

1. Documentation

It is the trainees responsibility and also a legal requirement to make sure that they are in possession of the correct documentation at the start and throughout the entire duration of their course, and to produce them when required. This includes: A valid in date UK provisional licence or full UK car licence. No other documents, photocopies or evidence of entitlement will be accepted. Details on how to check whether your licence is valid and up to date can be found on the DVLA website.

EU and Isle of Man/Channel Island licences are not accepted without a confirmation of registration document (D91 or D58/2 form) from the DVLA. Details can be found at:

If you have an older style paper licence, then a valid in-date passport must also be provided alongside your licence. Again, no photocopies will be accepted.

For Gear Conversion Courses you must also bring with you a current valid CBT certificate (DL196) together with your licence. For all full licence courses: A (DAS) /A2 /A1 along with the documents stated above you must also hold a current valid motorcycle theory test certificate which covers you for at least 6 weeks beyond the end date of your initial course booking (Module 2 test day) This is to cover you in the event that you should need to re-test for whatever reason.

2. Customers using their own bikes

Trainees who wish to use their own bikes for training must bring with them:

  • Insurance documentation for your bike (this can be verified by email on your phone)
  • MOT Certificate (if applicable)

And also:

  • Ensure that your bike has valid road tax
  • Ensure that your bike clearly displays “L Plates” both front & rear
  • Ensure that your bike is in a roadworthy condition

3. Cancellations

For CBT and ITM Courses: We require a minimum of 4 clear working days notice (Mon-Fri) before the start of your course should you wish to cancel any of these courses for any reason. Where your course falls on a Sunday, we need to be notified of any cancellation the Monday before. Wherever possible we will try to fill your slot at short notice and reschedule it at no extra cost, or refund you (see clause 8) , however you should be aware that failure to give the minimum required notice will result in the forfeit of the entire fee paid if we are unable to do so.

For all Full Licence Courses – Category A (Direct access / DAS) A2/ A1 and Gear Conversion Courses: We require 14 clear working days notice (Mon-Fri) before the start of your course should you wish to cancel or amend in whole or in part any of these courses for any reason. Where possible we will endeavour to fill your slots/course at short notice and reschedule at no extra cost, or refund you (see clause 8), however you should be aware that failure to give the minimum required notice will result in the in the forfeit of the entire fee and/or any deposits paid if we are unable to do so.

On occasion we may need to cancel or amend courses due to unforeseen circumstances arising outside of our control, this could include adverse weather conditions or short notice instructor illness. Where possible we will give fair notice as soon as practicably possible before the start of your course, however sometimes this may not be possible. Trainees whose courses have been cancelled by Off The Kerb Training due to the aforementioned circumstances will be offered alternative dates at no extra cost, or a full refund as specified in clause 8.

Off The Kerb Training is not responsible for any DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) test cancellations and the resulting impact this may have on a trainees course and associated charges for extra training as a result of having to present you to test again. It remains the trainees responsibility to seek any appropriate out of pocket recompense directly with the DVSA.

4. Highway Code Basic Knowledge (in particular provisional licence holders)

Before booking your CBT course it is essential that you have read and have a reasonable understanding of The Highway Code, especially if your intention is to successfully complete the course in one day. If on element ‘E’ (road ride element) you fail to display a basic understanding of the Highway Code, this includes but is not limited to: Priorities, Give Ways, No Entries, One Ways, Bus Lanes etc, then your course will be terminated and you will need to book a re-sit at full price.

Please note:

That the reduced rate we offer for CBT re-sits is not available to those who have had their course terminated due to the aforementioned reasons.

5. Payments

We require full payment upon booking for CBT/ITM and Gear Conversion courses. For all full licence courses: A/ A2/ A1 we require an initial deposit payment of £450.00 upon booking, with the full balance to be paid no later than 14 days prior to the commencement of your training. You will receive automatic email payment reminders for 3 days before the latest payment due date, after which time if no payment is received, your course will automatically be cancelled by our system and you will forfeit any deposits paid.

Any deposit/payment made for training that is cancelled or postponed by the customer within the minimum notification period set out in clause 3 will be held by Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training for a maximum of six (6) months from the original booking date, after which time no monies will be refundable and any future bookings will be subject to a full charge.

6. Appropriate Clothing

Whatever the weather, all trainees must wear the appropriate clothing when attending any of our training courses. These must offer a reasonable amount of protection and abrasion resistance such as denim or Cordura, and with no exposed areas of skin on either the arms or legs. We do not accept shorts, sandals, flip flops, sliders, tracksuit bottoms, puffer jackets or trainers or footwear made from soft canvas (such as converse etc)

For all full licence courses: A/ A2/ A1, trainers or shoes will not be accepted by the DVSA examiner. When we present you for test you should be wearing as a minimum, clothing as outlined above, but also sturdy boots which cover your ankle. Steel toe capped boots should be avoided as they could interfere with gear selection. Should our instructors deem your clothing unsuitable/unsafe for training, your course will not go ahead and you will need to re-book again at additional cost.

7. No Show Policy

You are required to attend all courses on time and on the allotted date as set out in your booking confirmation timetable or amended booking confirmation, so please make sure to allow for traffic and transport issues on the day. Our courses, in particular CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) have a strict set schedule and syllabus regulated by the DVSA which cannot be delayed or joined in part way through, even if you are repeating/renewing your CBT. Late attendance for any reason whatsoever (beyond 20 minutes after the start time of your course) could lead to you missing your training slot and losing all fees paid.

All full licence courses: A (DAS) A2/ A1 are sold as a complete package course and as such we are unable to offer any part refunds for days or tests not attended.

Missed training or test days can significantly impact the outcome of your course as we may not have alternative available training/test slots at short notice in which to book before your test days. No refunds or credit notes will be offered in such circumstances.

8. Refunds

Full refunds are only offered where Off The Kerb Training has had to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. Refunds can only be made using the same credit/debit card or method that the original booking was made with.

Refunds due to trainees cancelling courses within the minimum notification period as set out in clause 3 above are subject to a £10.00 admin fee.

9. Language / Communication

Our emphasis above all else is safety. Therefore It is imperative that you are able to understand all instructions and syllabuses as set out by the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) conveyed to you via our instructors, so you must be able to speak and understand English to a good conversational level. In the event that our instructors deem that your English is insufficient to attain satisfactory two way communication, your course could be terminated with all fees lost. Due to the nature of the course and the necessity of on-road radio communications, we cannot accommodate translators.

10. CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

A CBT course does not guarantee that you will receive a certificate on the day or a full day of training. If you have not met the required standard necessary as set out by the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) in order to proceed onto public roads [element ‘E’] your course will terminate and you will need to come back for further training. This can be offered at a reduced rate of £120.00. However please note:

This reduced rate is not available to those who need to re-sit due to demonstrating insufficient Highway Code knowledge on element E (see clause 4). Beginners with no prior experience on bikes or scooters are strongly recommended to first enrol on an ITM (Introduction To Motorcycling) course, and also familiarise yourself with the Highway Code if your intention is to successfully complete the CBT in one day.

Renewal CBT courses are only available to those wishing to renew their existing or recently expired (within 6 months) CBT’s, and as such will need to be verified on the day of training with said document (DL196) along with your licence. Failure to produce the correct documentation when requested could result in your course being terminated and forfeiting all fees paid (see clause 1).

As a point of safety, trainees with little or no prior experience on bikes or scooters will not be permitted to undergo CBT training on a geared bike. If your intention is to learn gears you will need to first successfully complete the CBT on an automatic scooter, then book a separate Gear Conversion Course at a later date.

The minimum skill level required for both CBT and ITM courses is that you can ride a bicycle unassisted and have recently done so (within the last 6 months).

11. Legal Requirements

Compulsory Basic Training can only be provided by an Approved Authorised Training Body (ATB). Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training is a DVSA approved training body. As such, all training courses carried out by Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training are governed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Course Agreement 1

Instructors currently registered with Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training are all DVSA Approved and trained to a high standard. Trainees attending any Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training courses must agree to follow the instruction and guidance of their appointed instructor for the purpose of Compulsory Basic Training. Trainees failing to follow the necessary instruction or do not respond to training will have their course terminated and forfeit all fees paid.

Course Agreement 2

Trainees on CBT courses will be required to sign a disclaimer before any on-road training can proceed. They must confirm that they are satisfied with the training they have received so far, and as a result feel sufficiently competent to proceed with the next element of their Compulsory Basic Training involving a minimum of two hours riding on the public highway. They must confirm that they feel sufficiently competent to conduct the training on the Public Highway in weather conditions prevailing at the time and that the motorcycle/scooter that they have been allocated is suitable for them.

Failure to sign this declaration will result in the course being unable to proceed as the on-road element will be incomplete, and as such, the trainee will need to book additional onsite training. This clause has been brought in as part of a new structure to the Motorcycle Training Industry Insurance Policy.

12. Duplicate CBT certificates (DL196)

Duplicate CBT certificates (DL196) can be issued for a fee of £20.00 and must be collected in person from our site in White City at an arranged time along with your driving licence (see clause 1) Unfortunately we are unable to offer any postage options.

13. Bike Hire

Trainees who opt to use a bike or scooter provided by Off The Kerb Training will also have helmet, gloves and a waterproof jacket provided, however these should not be considered as winter wear and this should be borne in mind in the colder seasons. See clause 6 above for appropriate clothing.

Trainees in control of any vehicle provided by Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training will take full responsibility for any road traffic violations caused by them riding on the public highway and/or as a result of not adhering to instructions expressly given by their appointed instructor. Relevant details will be passed on to the appropriate authorities if requested. The trainee whom the offence relates too will also be informed.

The hirer shall be liable, as if the owner of the motorcycle, in respect of any:

  1. Fixed penalty notice offence committed in respect of that motorcycle under part three and the relevant schedules of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 as amended by the Parking Act 1989 and that those provisions may be amended or replaced from time to time
  2. Excess charge which may be incurred in respect of the motorcycle in pursuance of an order sections 45 & 46 of the road traffic regulation 1984 as amended by the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 and by the Parking Act 1989, and as those provisions maybe amended or replaced from time to time

Insurance provided through Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training

  • The motorcycle is at all times covered by Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training’s group insurance policy, the terms of which are available on request.
  • The hirer, shall, however, remain liable for any loss or damage to the motorcycle as a result of any accident, collision and any act of negligence of the hirer.
  • The hirer also shall remain liable for any loss or damage to a third party as a result of the wilful act or negligence of the hirer, or any breach of the terms of the insurance policy and shall indemnify the lessor from any third party claim, whether consequential or otherwise, which arises there from.

Moreover, from the moment you are assigned a bike (scooter or motorcycle) by your instructor, it becomes your responsibility forthrightly, without the need of signing/accepting any further documentation. Thus, this agreement acts as a provision of a hire agreement.

By accepting our Terms & Conditions, and making your booking with us, you agree to the above statements. Likewise, by making a booking with us you are accepting our Terms & Conditions.

14. Behaviour

Off The Kerb Training are bound by a duty of care to all its staff and to other customers and road users. We do not tolerate any abuse of our staff or other trainees whatsoever. If at any time a student displays an attitude which is unsuitable in a training environment, or demonstrates unacceptable risk-taking or failure to comply with an instruction that endangers themselves or others on the road, the course will be terminated and all fees forfeited.

Any suspected use of alcohol or illegal substances which could endanger both you and others will render the course terminated with immediate effect with loss of all fees paid and could lead to the authorities being notified.

15. Eyesight

You will be required to read a registration plate with or without contact lenses or glasses at a distance of 66 feet (20 metres) at the start of your course so please make sure to bring with you any glasses or contact lenses if normally worn.

16. Medical conditions and/or special needs

Please make us aware of any medications you are taking or have any medical conditions that could affect your ability to ride a motorcycle or scooter before the start of your course. Failure to disclose any pertinent information as outlined above could render the training compromised and may result in Off The Kerb Motorcycle having to terminate training at the expense of the customer.

17. Complaints

Off the Kerb Motorcycle Training strives to offer the highest quality training to their customers. However, should the trainee feel the need to raise a complaint with respect to any aspect of their experience while training with us, please report any informal compliant to a member of staff or the office who will help to resolve the issue. If a formal complaint needs to be raised it should be made in writing to:

18. Injuries

In the unlikely event of an accident, or loss or damage to personal effects, you acknowledge that Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with our service (except in instances of death or personal injury as a direct result of the company’s negligence) and you waive all and any claims against Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training in this respect.

Whilst training with Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training, should any trainee become involved in or cause an accident or incident due to not following instructions or by becoming separated from the instructor, the insurance will be invalidated and ALL COSTS including the full recovery & repair of the vehicles involved will be the customer’s responsibility.

19. Further Information

We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions without prior notice, however a link to our full list of current terms and conditions will be provided with response to each booking being made.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time and without notice to customers. A quote of training is only valid for a period of 14 days.

Should you have any questions relating to any aspect of the Terms and Conditions set out above or our use of your personal information, please contact us by email on: